where were we...? Ah, yes!

I started developing my style and branding at the beginning of 2014. I specialize in wedding photography and portraiture because I am a people person. Plain and simple.

I am in my full element when surrounded with folks, celebrating what has brought us together... In my demeanor, I love to feed off of the essence of the moment and the warmth of others, to bounce that right back at cha! I love being with people, interacting, becoming friends, exchanging stories. Learning from others. This is how I begin my creative process... by taking it all in and reflecting in my photos, the best summary of our encounter!

Photography is an amazing discovery for mankind... Okay fine, maybe a great candid of aunt Mary or catching the sunset at its most perfect point may not save lives or cure disease, but man do they make you feel! To me, capturing that 1/180 of a second of life is so impactful, and I am so grateful that I get to give you that remembrance for you and your loved ones to keep.

I want to give you love, joy, amazement, relief, happiness, devotion, beauty, solidarity, patience, care, artistry, understanding, soulfulness, fun, intimacy, inspiration, elegance, creativity, romanticism, all captured in an image for you to hold tight...

I want to show you
how I see this beautiful life,
 through my lens ...


Wedding + Lifestyle Photographer