January 2, 2023

Kaitlyn + Brandon

Engagement Sessions

A Fun Engagement Session

Things to consider when planning your engagement photos

I had the pleasure of meeting Kaitlyn and Brandon in Jamaica. They were there for their friends Alexa and Brandon’s wedding which I had the pleasure of photographing. They live in North Carolina and their fun engagement session took place at Sarah P. Duke Gardens on September 9th, 2022.

I loved every moment of photographing this perfect location, a beautiful and peaceful garden with exquisite and lush greenery and flowers.

The engagement session is also an important part of your wedding photography experience, so that must be so special.

It’s the perfect excuse to take some photos together to treasure forever. Plus, you could use these photos for your save the date (consider that they need to be sent out 6-9 months before your wedding) or to frame at your engagement party, or even use as your decor for the wedding!

Furthermore, you can learn so much about your whole experience since it allows us to really get to know one another and it lets both of you get familiar with the way that I work.

Getting to know couples like these two is what really keeps me loving what I do! They are so sweet, easy going and have the best sense of humor. I can’t wait to photograph their intimate wedding in May, 2023.

Here are some things that you have to consider for the best engagement shoot.

When and Where to do your session

Firstly, you should decide on what you want the vibe of your wedding (and therefore your engagement photos) to be. One option is for you to mix your wedding’s vibe with your engagement session or another option is to do this session in a completely different season than your wedding therefore giving you some great variety in your photos.

I usually suggest some of my favorite locations that provide a variety of backdrops, but I also love to hear your ideas and thoughts about some spots that come to your mind. As your photographer, I carefully plan the time of the session for the very best light during your engagement session by not starting too early but also not starting too late.

In this case, the sun against the vegetation was otherworldly so we were ready to take advantage of it.

The Outfits

Secondly, after you have found the perfect time and location for the photoshoot, your engagement outfit may be the next thing on the to-do list.

What to wear for your engagement photos? I give you some tips to make the best out of it!

  • Wear something comfortable

It is important to wear something that represents your style and looks beautiful in photos but also allows you to pose naturally. This will help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

  • Coordinate your outfits

You can plan your outfits together, so that everything looks cohesive.

Wearing the same color sounds cute but you may end up looking like one blob of color. I’d recommend to NOT EXACTLY MATCH but coordinate instead. For example, You can find a color palette you love and pick a few colors from this palette to coordinate your shirts.

Try to avoid big brand names and too many patterns if possible. If one of you wears a pattern, then the other should wear a solid.

Neutral colors are easy to wear and fits everywhere, but if you prefer something different, you can play with the colors that surround you or opt for simple and timeless fashion with a pop of creativity in shoes or accessories.

  • Two outfits

If you have in mind two different locations, you can bring a more casual outfit that looks and feels like YOU and then go fancy with something else.

As their first outfit Kaitlyn chose neutral sandals and a flowing dress that complimented her skin tone nicely and Brandon wore black jeans and tee, white tennis shoes and an unbuttoned shirt.

The two ended their session with an airy and laid-back outfit that totally showcased their personalities and style.


As I said before, accessories like some nice jewelry, hats, scarfs or another detail are a fun way to add something else to your photos. Sometimes the smallest things have the biggest effect!

You can always bring hats, blankets, to make it look like a pic-nic, drinks. It makes you do something while I photograph you and it’s always so much fun.

Pro – tip: Don’t forget to book necessary appointments (hair, makeup, nails) to look your best! This moment could be taken as an opportunity to do your hairstyle and makeup trials for the big day.

Posing Ideas

Probably, this may be your first time in front of a camera and you may be nervous in general about your engagement session, but don’t worry, rely on my direction and let me guide you around the photo session. The result will be a more fun, genuine and never cheesy session. I promise!

  • Stay close! When you are close, it also makes being in front of the camera that much easier.
  • Movement!  Walk together, or just move where you are at. The more movement in photos, the more fun!
  • Kisses! You definitely want to have at least a few great kiss shots! They make for a great addition to your session.
  • Lets get even closer! Grab those hands and arms and wrap up around each other.

Please, grab everything you need, including the rings or something special for the couple that you want me to photograph.

I love experiment with angles. Shooting down on a gaze can have a completely different feel to it that straight on.

Finally, The most important tip I can give you is: Relax, have a great time as a couple and the photos will show it!

Thank you so much Kaitlyn and Brandon for trusting me to capture your fun engagement session and let me do what I do best: create the stunning portraits you love. You were so fun together and your love shows in every photo. I really enjoyed spending this day with you guys!

Please check out Nicole + Nate photos from their session and then leave me a comment below to tell me what you think!

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