March 14, 2019

Well Hello There, Cutie!


Meche Ausina Photography’s BLOG is now LIVE!

Florida based wedding and portrait photographer

This is me today! 2019 and loving my 30 years of age!


Thank you SO much for stopping by and checking it out. After SO Many months (ehem years), it is FINALLY here! (being a Wedding and Portrait Photographer in Florida keeps you really busy!) I’m not gonna lie, I am a little scared because a couple of things…

First, I have never really ever written like this before. I have presented essays in school in front of a class full of judgmentally pubecent eye-rolls and always managed to get B’s and A’s but nothing like this. Second, because I want to do right by you. I want to connect with people, share their stories and celebrate love through this platform. I want you to be able to get to know me and learn what I’m all about.

HOWEVER, I cannot completely disconnect myself from the troll sitting in the back of my head saying: “You’re just making a fool out of yourself”. SHHHHH troll, let me work in peace already!!

But I will try… I will ALWAYS try!


Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in Florida

It Me! These photos that make me feel like a rockstar, were taken by my dear friend and talented colleague, E.SCO! Thank you, Alex!


After wondering quite a bit about how I should start this project, I came to the realization that you need to see who’s “speaking” to you. Therefore, I will kick this blog off by introducing myself and letting you know who the heck I think I am!


Hi. I’m Meche. Well, Mercedes Ausina is my name, but against my will, my friends nicknamed me Meche (pronounced: May-chay) and so I just gave in and ended up loving it! I decided to name my business Meche Ausina Photography because it kind of encompassed several sides of myself as a person and as a Wedding Photographer in Florida.

Meche symbolizes my approach to the relationships that I want to create with you guys! I wanted my clients to skip the line right through to friend-ville with me. Just call me what my friends call me, because at the end of our encounter I really do hope we build a beautiful relationship. One that goes beyond me selling you a service and you paying for it and “chau chau, see you never”! No, I want more!

I want to know who YOU are, what are the things you love and live for, your passion, love story, the family that walks with you in this journey and what fires you up! I want to arrive to your wedding day or session or whatever it might be and feel like I’m going to see a pal and serve him/her with the most love and care! I want us to connect beyond the day I’m photographing you… I want to celebrate your wins and lend a helping hand when times are tough. If you think this is too hippie-dippie, brace yourself there is SO much more of it to come!


Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in Florida

So many love stories captured over the years!! Every single one of my couples, hold a very special place in my heart… I am so grateful for them!


The second part of my business name is Ausina, my last name. Given to me by my papá. This simbolizes ME! The real me. What I bring to the table. Being able to serve my clients in a genuine way with all that I am. I am a momma’s girl who adores her family, her friends, and her hubby (and kitties too!!). They are the core of my life and every one of them has shaped me into the messy nebula of love that I am today and what I’ll become throughout the rest of my life.

My friends and family have taught me the importance of celebrating others and elevating their spirits and that’s something that I want to do above everything else! This is why bringing my personality and my story to the table is crucial to me, so that I can transparently be what you deserve! You will truly feel like I’m not just a stranger from the internet taking you picture, but a friend helping you commemorate your life!


Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in Florida

Photos of my childhood! From left to right: Me at 17 with my parents, sister, grandma and family friends that are more family than friends. Next, my grandma and I. Followed by, my sister in kindergarten and I in fourth grade. Next, My mom and I on my first day of kindergarten and at last, Toddler ME!


Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in Florida

This is what my free time looks like nowadays… I ADORE being at home with my hubby and 2 cats, Gato Alberto and Tomasita… The cuddle is REAL


The last part of my business name is, you guessed it, Photography. I didn’t just want to include this in my business name to simply tell you what kind of service I provide, no no no. Photography means so much more to me! It represents the path I’ve chosen to serve others! It is my sweetest passion! I often compare what I felt the first time I took real photos, with what I felt when I realized that my sweet Turi wasn’t just my little boyfriend, but THE ONE! It was exhilarating!


Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in Florida

Photos from my beginnings in Photography: The top Left photo was taken at one of my first gigs ever. It was at a nightclub in Downtown Orlando, FL. It was a crazy time, but it really taught me a lot! Especially how to handle BIG crowds! Top Right, a very uncomfortable selfie during the very memorable night of the “free concert tickets”. Bottom, This BTS is from the VERY FIRST Wedding I shot. Well, Second Shot for my dear friend Daniel Canepa. To whom I owe so much! Love you, Dani! I am thankful for every experience!


It all started with me taking photos for a band that I really love in exchange for free tickets to their show. I can almost swear I remember every instance of that night. It all just felt so organic, like I was in my natural habitat. I got home that night after the concert and busted in my roommate’s bedroom jumping and smiling and I remember I kept saying “It was so awesome, so amazing, I had the time of my life!!!” over and over again.


Cultura Profetica Photography. Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in Florida

These are some of the photos I took on the day I “stumbled” into photography. One of my favorite bands ever was playing, Cultura Profetica!! What a beautiful experience! To be honest, I think I did a pretty decent job for being my first time!


My sweet roomie just laughed and looked at me a little worried for my level of excitement. Of course I blamed my happiness on the fact that I had had so much close proximity with this kick-ass band, but she was quick to say “Maybe you should make PHOTOGRAPHY your career?” She stopped me in my tracks. I realized that she was right! Photography encompassed everything I’ve been searching for: having my own business, being creative, surrounding myself with people, celebrate awesome moments, elevating others…

I really feel like photography is my prince charming in a way. Amongst a vast sea of other great career paths, this one understood me, loved me, allowed me to be myself, understood my needs, and transformed me into a better human being! Photography is truly my first love and THE ONE for me!!! (sorry hubby!). I am so grateful to the universe to have sent this noble art-form my way, it really has changed my life. And through my love for it, I hope to make yours at least a tiny bit better!

Thank you again for taking a few minutes of your day to hear me babble about Meche Ausina Photography, love and life! I can happily say that the troll in the back of my head, is back under the bridge.


Much love always!




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  1. Johanna says:

    Thank you for sharing your vulneralty with all of us, you are such an amazing human being although I’ve only met you once…you know how much I love what you do.
    Eres hermosa y dulce I’m so grateful for people like you, restoring faith in humanity and making this world a better place with your beautiful photography.

    • Mercedes Ausina says:

      Johanna, OMG you are seriously such a bright ray of sunshine! Thank you for your encouragement! Thank you for taking the time to read and spread your love! I am also very grateful for people like you, who elevate other’s spirits and encourage them! I hope I get to serve you very very soon!!

  2. Mariana says:

    Loved it! It’s so you! Good luck with everything prima. You deserve it!

    • Mercedes Ausina says:

      Thank you so much, Mari!!! Thanks for taking the time!! I send you warm hugs and I cannot wait to meet your new little girl!!! OMG!

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